How It Works

You can either use the "pay in full" option at checkout on this website or choose the "Pay 10% (5 Day Hold)" option to give you 5 business days to complete wire transfer with remaining balance. Payments made are non refundable, If you "pay in full" you now own this truck. If you choose "pay 10% down" option this gives you the the first chance to purchase the truck, if you do not wire the remaining balance within 5 business days you forfit your down money and this truck goes back up for sale. If you have any questions please call 7126523834 or email

How to sell your equipment

Option 1- Email ( pictures, video, documents on equipment such as maintenance records, accident history (clear title or salvage title) type of transmission, engine, wheel base, rear ends, tire size and condition, any other information to help describe your equipment accurately to potential buyers.

Option 2- Along with everything listed above we can make arrangements to have us film your equipment talking about all the features of your equipment along with showing the features in the video. Promoting your item's video on our youtube channel and other social media platforms to increase the attention.

The Cost $

The cost of selling your item on is 10% of the retail price we are able to get you for your item. (we will charge you 5% of your asking price up front so we do not do all the work and advertising just to have you sell it private) Unlike other online or print sales channels we do not limit your ad to regions or put a time limit on how long your ad will run for sale. You name your bottom dollar price you will accept to us and we will ask that price or more for your item to get you maximum value out of your item. If we are not able to get you the asking price you gave us and there is no sale you owe us nothing! (and we return the 5% we charged up front).